Mark your Calendar

  • Musée Soulages


    Pierre Soulages, a.k.a. “the painter of black,” is getting a new museum this...

  • Modern Masterpieces


    The Fondation Maeght marks its 50th birthday with Face à l’œuvre, a selection...

  • "Yerres, on the Pond, Water Lilies" (1871-1878) by Gustave Caillebotte
  • Caillebotte at Yerres


    For the first time ever, nearly 40 masterpieces by Gustave Caillebotte are being...

  • Fashion Forward


    The Palais Galliera’s Papier Glacé, un Siècle de Photographie de Mode chez Condé...

  • "Corrida" (1951) by Picasso
  • Picasso and Ceramics


    Shortly after WWII, Picasso moved to the southern French town of Vallauris, where...

  • The Cleopatra Myth


    The last queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra VII is a subject of enduring...

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