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  • Matisse and Picasso

    San Antonio

    Matisse and Picasso: A Friendly Rivalry compares and contrasts the styles and characters...

  • "Suzanne et les Vieillards" (Anon., 16th century) lends charm and grace to the Château Royal de Blois’s show on Renaissance gardens.
  • Renaissance Gardens


    The Château Royal de Blois, whose gardens were commissioned by Louis XII, plays...

  • "The Comtesse du Cayla" (1777) by Jean-Antoine Houdon - The Frick Collection; photo: Michael Bodycomb
  • Houdon and Clodion

    New York

    Before becoming two of the leading French sculptors of the late 18th century,...

  • Immaculate Conception and Saints protecting Naples from the plague of 1656, by Mattia Preti.
  • Treasure of Naples


    The legendary Treasure of San Gennaro is now on view at the Musée...

  • State of the Sky


    Drawing its name from a Victor Hugo essay, L’Etat du Ciel—a three-part series...

  • Musée Soulages


    Pierre Soulages, a.k.a. “the painter of black,” is getting a new museum this...

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