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  • Fernand Léger


    Although he moved away from abstract art in his later years, embracing a...

  • Le Couple / Das Paar (1956). Collection
privée. ©ADAGP Paris, 2014.
  • Meret Oppenheim


    Meret Oppenheim’s scandalous “Breakfast in Fur” (1936), created when she was just 23,...

  • "Modèle-île-de france [#1c]" (2000) by Laurent Sfar
  • Monument


    A mortar shell mounted on a skateboard, a multicolor flag sewn from military...

  • "Yerres, on the Pond, Water Lilies" (1871-1878) by Gustave Caillebotte
  • Caillebotte at Yerres


    For the first time ever, nearly 40 masterpieces by Gustave Caillebotte are being...

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