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  • A painting referred to as "The Crossed Bison" and found in the chamber called the Nave is often held as an example of the skill of the Paleolithic cave painters. The crossed hind legs show the ability to use perspective in a manner that wasn't seen again until the 15th century.
  • Lascaux


    Executed some 20,000 years ago and discovered by a group of teenagers in...

  • "Lace Effects I" includes Neil Bottle’s "Kaleidoscope Coat (2013)," a 3D digital creation inspired by architectural aspects of Calais’s lace factory.
  • Lacemakers


    Lace Effects I at Calais’s Cité International de la Dentelle et de la...

  • "Relatum - The Cane of Titan" (2014) by Lee Ufan
  • Lee Ufan


    Best known for his stark, minimalist paintings and sculptures made from natural materials,...

  • Paris Plage


    Long before Paris Plage turned the banks of the Seine into sandy Riviera...

  • Expressionism

    Los Angeles

    Informed by new scholarship, Expressionism in Germany and France: From Van Gogh to...

  • Gustave Doré


    Bringing together 100 paintings, sculptures and works on paper in its sole North...

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