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  • "Le Poisson" by brancusi - ©Adam Rzepka/Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI/RMN-GP
  • Simple Shapes


    While visiting the 1912 Salon de la Locomotion Aérienne with Constantin Brancusi and...

  • Neo-Impressionist Portraits


    Rooted in color and line theory and characterized by the systematic application of...

  • Fernand Léger


    Although he moved away from abstract art in his later years, embracing a...

  • "King Louis-Philippe of France and his sons leaving the Château of Versailles on horseback" by  Emile Jean Horace Vernet (1846)
  • Medals of Honor


    The Château de Chantilly’s Musée Condé possesses a nearly complete collection of France’s...

  • "Regatta at Sainte–Adresse" (1867) by Claude Monet
  • Impressionist France

    Saint Louis

    In mid-19th-century France, the burgeoning art of photography helped usher in the Impressionist...

  • "Trois poires" (1888-90) by Paul Cézanne
  • Cézanne and Modernity


    Aix’s Musée Granet is showcasing the magnificent art collection assembled by New York...

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