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  • Immaculate Conception and Saints protecting Naples from the plague of 1656, by Mattia Preti.
  • Treasure of Naples


    The legendary Treasure of San Gennaro is now on view at the Musée...

  • A painting referred to as "The Crossed Bison" and found in the chamber called the Nave is often held as an example of the skill of the Paleolithic cave painters. The crossed hind legs show the ability to use perspective in a manner that wasn't seen again until the 15th century.
  • Lascaux


    Executed some 20,000 years ago and discovered by a group of teenagers in...

  • Martial Raysse


    Originally drawn to literature, Martial Raysse’s taste for language and poetic feeling eventually...

  • State of the Sky


    Drawing its name from a Victor Hugo essay, L’Etat du Ciel—a three-part series...

  • "The Comtesse du Cayla" (1777) by Jean-Antoine Houdon - The Frick Collection; photo: Michael Bodycomb
  • Houdon and Clodion

    New York

    Before becoming two of the leading French sculptors of the late 18th century,...

  • Venet Foundation

    Le Muy

    The Fondation Venet opens its doors in the Provençal village of Le Muy...

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