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  • Cartier

    Washington, DC

    Cartier: Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Dazzling Gems presents a selection of pieces collected by...

  • FM110_CAL_matisseandpicasso_01
  • Matisse and Picasso

    San Antonio

    Matisse and Picasso: A Friendly Rivalry compares and contrasts the styles and characters...

  • "Pastorale" by François Boucher (1703-1770) - ©Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe
  • Fêtes Galantes


    The Fête Galante was a favorite theme in 18th-century art; these Rococo paintings...

  • "Lace Effects I" includes Neil Bottle’s "Kaleidoscope Coat (2013)," a 3D digital creation inspired by architectural aspects of Calais’s lace factory.
  • Lacemakers


    Lace Effects I at Calais’s Cité International de la Dentelle et de la...

  • The Cleopatra Myth


    The last queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra VII is a subject of enduring...

  • Cayrac’s "Erection de l’Obélisque de Louqsor, 25 octobre 1836" (1837) immortalizes one of the incredible feats of engineering showcased in the "Le Voyage de l’Obélisque."
  • Voyage of the Obelisk


    In 1830, the Viceroy of Egypt offered France two enormous obelisks erected by...

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